The Spleen


The spleen is an organ located in the upper left abdominal cavity. It is a storage organ for red blood cells and contains many specialized white blood cells which act to filter blood. The spleen is part of the immune system and also removes old and damaged blood particles from your system. The spleen helps the body identify and kill bacteria. The spleen can affect the platelet count, the red blood cell count and even the white blood count.



Some common indications of splenectomy (removal of spleen) are-
• Auto Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura
• Hemolytic Anemia
• Hereditary(Genetic) causes
• Neoplasm
• Other causes like Splenic infarct, Trauma


Splenectomy Procedure or Spleen Removal Surgery :

4(Four)small cuts are made over abdomen. Instruments are introduced through these cuts. After the spleen is cut from all that it is connected to, it is placed inside a special bag. The bag with the spleen inside is pulled up into one of the small, but largest incisions on your abdomen. The spleen is broken into small pieces (morcelated) within the special bag and completely removed.


Splenectomy procedure in gurgaon



Preoperative vaccinations against some specific organisms are recommended around two weeks prior to surgery to prevent overwhelming infections in the post-operative period



• OPSI (Overwhelming Post Splenectomy Infection)
• Bleeding
• Pneumonia
• Injury to nearby organs (e.g Pancreas)



Watch the video of Laparoscopic Splenectomy Procedure in Gurgaon conducted by our team