Revisional Bariatric Surgery



Revision Weight Loss Surgery In Gurgaon

Revisional bariatric is the conversion of a previously performed bariatric surgery to another type. With more and more bariatric surgeries being performed all over the world, the number of revision bariatric surgeries is expected to rise. The most common indication of a revision bariatric procedure is failure of the primary procedure to provide adequate durable weight loss or weight regain after bariatric surgery. It should be accepted that as with many other diseases, there is a small group of patients who are resistant to weight loss, despite the surgeon’s best efforts.

Before deciding on a revisional procedure it is important to determine whether the operation failed the patient or the patient failed the operation; whether there is an anatomic cause of for weight regain or the weight regain is primarily a result of behavioural discrepancies like high caloric food, snacking between meals and lack of exercise.
It is a technically more challenging endeavour than a primary bariatric surgery and should only be attempted by a team experienced in such surgeries.



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