Piles Treatment

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About Piles

Piles are inflamed and swollen collections of tissue in the anal area.

They can have a range of sizes, and they may be internal or external.

Internal piles are normally located between 2 and 4 centimeters (cm) above the opening of the anus, and they are the more common type. External piles occur on the outside edge of the anus.


Types of piles 

Depending on the origin & morphology Piles or Hemorrhoids are broadly classified as :-

☛ Internal Piles (Hemorrhoids): Occurs in Anal Canal & Rectum.
☛ External Piles (Hemorrhoids): Outside Anal Canal near anal opening


Piles don’t always cause pain or other symptoms. Other symptoms are –

☛ Bleeding along with bowel movement – you may see blood on toilet paper or on your faeces.
☛ A lump in or around your anus.
☛ A feeling that your bowels haven’t emptied completely.
☛ Watery discharge or mucous from anus, or leaking faeces.
☛ Itchy or sore skin around your anus.
☛ Pain and discomfort during or after a bowel movement.
Above symptoms can be caused by problems other than piles, such as inflammatory bowel disease, anal cancer, bowel cancer & anal fissure (tear) so always consult your Doctor in such conditions.

Surgical Treatment of Piles :- 

Most piles don’t need surgery for piles treatment. Surgical treatment of piles is required in case of severe or older piles when all other treatments haven’t worked or your piles keep bleeding. There are different types of surgery, including the ones below.

☛ Haemorrhoidectomy- In this technique any pile masses, causing problems are carefully removed.

☛ Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy- the area of tissue with piles is stitched higher up your anal canal. This means your piles or hemorrhoids won’t come out your anus anymore and will shrink gradually.

The type of surgery that your doctor recommends for you will depend on the size and number of piles you have. Stapled haemorrhoidopexy is often recommended because people usually have less pain and faster healing than with haemorrhoidectomy.

Our Specialist


Dr.Mriganka sekhar sharma

Dr Mriganka Sekhar Sharma is a senior laparoscopic & bariatric surgeon in Gurgaon. Having completed his surgical training, Dr Sharma worked as a senior resident in the University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He then helped set up the Bariatric surgery unit at Medanta-The Medicity where he was involved in about 700 bariatric cases. Dr Sharma went to Cleveland Clinic, USA for advanced training in bariatric & anti-reflux surgery. Having kept himself with the recent advances in laparoscopic & bariatric surgeries, Dr Sharma is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons.


Dr.Amit Goswami

Dr Amit Deepta Goswami is an experienced Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon in Gurgaon. After completing his post-graduation, Dr Goswami worked in various premier institutes of India namely All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS), Medanta Medicity Hospital and Max Superspeciality Hospital. Having gained widespread experience, he is an expert in providing service related to Laparoscopy, Bariatric Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Medical Counseling and Surgical/ Medical Advisory Services.He has successfully added few certification courses as feathers on his cap e.g. FIAGES, FCLS and FNB. He is a National Board Certified Bariatric and Minimal Access (Laparoscopic) Surgeon. He has authored various thesis, paper presentation and research works.