Patients Testimonials

Me & wife underwent the bariatric surgery which was done by Dr Amit Deepta Goswami. We both can’t believe the change we have gone through both mentally and physically.our life have taken a complete u turn post surgery. I was told that I am sitting on a bomb which actually was true. can’t thank Dr Amit enough

Patient Testimonial By Ms. Vibha & Mr. Rajneesh for Dr. Amit Goswam

🙏🙏. Anyone who personally want to know our experience feel free to call 9891387456, Rajneesh, Vibha.we would be happy to help.🙏🙏

Dr. Amit Deepta Goswami, thanks for teaching me the difference between Fact and Faith: Fact is when any ordinary doctor diagnoses illness in a report. Faith is when good doctors like you treat the illness and treat it in such a painless way and eliminates the re occurrence. You gave me the strength to recover which is highly appreciated.

Prateek Bisla