Inguinal Hernia- Sharing facts

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Inguinal hernia is the hernia occurring in the groin area. Hernia is protrusion of abdominal contents (Intestine or Omentum. Omentum is the fatty tissue supporting the abdominal organs).

When you need Surgery?

Surgery is always the definite therapeutic option for Inguinal hernia. There is nothing like asymptomatic hernia. The weakness, through which the hernia appears, needs always be repaired like you always stitch a torn portion of dress before you wear it again.

Why Laparoscopic Hernia repair is better than an open Surgery?

Laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair is better than the open surgery in different aspects:

-There are small holes. So, less pain in comparison to open surgery

-There is less pain. So, there is early recovery and return to normal life

– Cosmetically, more acceptable

What can happen, if you do not get operated?

If you do not get yourself the benefit of surgery, few complications can make the hernia worse. e.g

Irreducibility: Hernia does not go back when you lie down or press it

Strangulation: The blood supply of the contents of hernia gets jeopardized and the contents become dead

Obstruction: Hernia causes intestinal movement to stop and passing of flatus or faeces does not happen

In these complications, laparoscopic surgery is generally not possible. Moreover, these complications are preventable.

What can you expect in immediate post- operative period?

Usually, patients are admitted on the day of surgery. Oral diet is allowed approximately 4hours after surgery. There may be a urinary catheter(pipe) till next morning (especially if you are more than 50years of age).

“Take care of small things. Bigger things will be automatically taken care off”


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