Can Gallbladder Stones be cured without surgery?

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Gall Bladder stones have become very common nowadays. Previous dictum of its occurrence in “fertile, females and forty” does not apply much nowadays. Even younger populations have been diagnosed and treated for the same. One of the most commonly asked question by the patients is about the non-surgical management of gallbladder stones. There was an old concept of not dealing with the asymptomatic gallbladder stones. But the problem is to corroborate the symptoms to be of this clinically entity. Most of the symptoms of stones in Gallbladder are almost same with the hyperacidity. People believe them to be of hyperacidity and keep on trying over the counter drugs for the same. When the problem worsens, they ultimately visit surgeons. Then it may be too late for smooth recovery.

The irony is that, scientifically speaking, there is no non-surgical management of Gallbladder stones that can be curative in real sense. Let’s us see, why stones form in gallbladder? Gallbladder acts as storehouse of bile produced by liver. One of the most common condition helping stone formation is hyper saturation (increased in thickness) of the bile. This hypersaturation, which results from the cholesterol concentration being greater than its solubility percentage, is caused primarily by hypersecretion of cholesterol due to altered hepatic cholesterol metabolism. Loss of gallbladder muscular-wall motility and excessive contraction of sphincter of common bile duct also are involved in gallstone formation. This hypomotility leads to prolonged bile stasis (delayed gallbladder emptying), along with decreased reservoir function. The lack of bile flow causes an accumulation of bile and an increased predisposition for stone formation. So, it is very easily understandable that, stone can form in a diseased Gallbladder only. Hence, although few people, claim to have non-surgical curative options, they cannot be explained scientifically. By any means, if the stones are dissolved, they happen to recur again, unless the diseased Gall bladder is not taken care of.

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