Is Bariatric Surgery safe?

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | February 4th, 2017

Bariatric Surgery is another name of surgery for weight loss. Obesity is taking shape of an epidemic. With the increasing prevalence of obesity, the number of bariatric surgery is also increasing. The first question that comes to every candidate of Bariatric surgery is – “Will it be safe for me?” To answer this important question, we need to see things in multiple dimensions. Obesity along with its associated morbidities (unhealthy conditions that are resultant of obesity) cripples the life of the patient. The beauty of bariatric surgery is besides decreasing the weight, it helps in curing all the morbidities. Safety of a surgical procedure can be broadly divided into intraoperative safety and post-operative safety. With the advent of modern gadgets, the risk of surgery has come down drastically, making it comparable to any other surgery (like gall bladder surgery). The chance of a staple line leak is about 1%.

We whole heartedly believe in the saying- “With power, comes great responsibility.” Likewise, with the responsibility of performing bariatric surgery, comes the responsibility of caring for the patient’s safety. Complications do happen. But having the capability for timely detection and intervention for the same is important. No complication is such that cannot be treated or is life threatening. If we compare the ill effects to life that you carry by being obese, these minor complications of surgery seem insignificant. Moreover, the life after surgery (there will be some changes) is not such that will compromise your safety (Refer the section on Life after bariatric surgery). So, we would like to state emphatically – “Yes, Bariatric Surgery is safe”

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